Wow- new show results from Nelly’s daughter Donya 🍾💥🚀!!!

That’s was suuuuuper and successful trip to St.Petersburg on 3xCACIB shows!!!))

Deyonga Gaya Monifa- aka Donya ( CH Nyangani Nelson Gently x Int.MultiCh Rayridge Dayo Camariya- aka Redy)

28.02.2016 FCI CACIB show „Baltic triumph“
Judge: Valentina Ivanishcheva
DEYONGA GAYA MONIFA (Donya) – vp.1, CW, BOB-puppy!!

27.02.2016 FCI CACIB show „White nights-2“
Judge: Mrs. Astrid LUNDAVA
DEYONGA GAYA MONIFA (Donya) – vp.1, CW, BOB-puppy!!!

26.02.2016 FCI CACIB show „White nights-1“
Judge: Mrs. Manola POGGESI
DEYONGA GAYA MONIFA (Donya) – vp.1, CW, BOB-puppy!!

Hugo thanks to my friend Ekaterina Soroko for super handling Donya !!!I’m really so so proud! We were very happy to see our daughter, to see her performance and to make a good company!)) That’s was super debut in puppy class for Donya in competition!! Today, we are the heroes of the day ❤️!!!

Breeder: Elena Vargina

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