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Baby Class
11.07.2015CTA – Spezialzuchtschau Gross Geraude Ridder, Lilianevery promising 1, Best Baby
07.06.2015Clubschau E.L.S.A. Bad Soden -Allendorf CTA – Spezialzuchtschau Gross GerauKuralt, Snezkavery promising 1
Puppy Class
04.10.2015RRCL LuxemburgBorges, Manuel L.very promising 1, Best Puppy
16.10.2015Internationale Ausstellung DortmundAchtergael, Jean Pierrevery promising 2
18.10.2015Bundessieger Dortmund Scheider, Lotharvery promising 1- no challenge of best puppy on this show
14.11.2015IRAS Karlsuhe internationale Rassehundeausstellung Isolde, Hubervery promising 1- no challenge of best puppy on this show
15.11.2015IRAS Karlsruhe nationale Rassehundeausstellung Gerda, Kastlvery promising 1- no challenge of best puppy on this show
Junior Class
05.12.2015Nationale Rassehunde- Ausstellung KasselKrol, Piotrexc.2, Res. jCAC, Res. jCAC RRCD
06.12.2015Internationale Rassehunde – Ausstellung KasselRiedel, Marionexc.1 Junior CAC VDH, Best Junior of Breed, Candidate of German Junior Champion VDH
06.02.2016CACIB Brno, Czech RepublicŠtusáková, Sarkaexc.1 Junior CAC, Candidate of Junior Champion in Czech Republic, qualified for CRUFTS 2017
07.02.2016CACIB Brno, Czech RepublicDolejsova, Olgaexc.2, they have no res. CAC in Czech Republic in Junior Class
12.03.2016Internationale Rassehundeausstellung Offenburgvan Klaveren, Karinexc.1 Junior CAC VDH, Junior CAC DZRR, Best Junior of Breed, Junior Alps Winner, Junior Ortenau Winner, Candidate of Junior Champion Alps
27.03.2016International Dogshow LuxembourgKersbergen, Lydiaexc. 3
06.05.2016Europasieger DortmundGuerrero, Louexc. 4
07.05.2016International Dogshow DortmundKastl, Gerda /
Guerrero, Lou BOB
exc. 1 Junior CAC VDH, Junior CAC DZRR, Best Junior of Breed, BOB, in the Honor Ring selected under the best five dogs in Group 6 with 14 month and VDH Junior Spring Winner 2016 !!! Finishing the German Junior Champion Title of VDH & DZRR
22.05.2016IDS Kreuzlingen, Switzerland Ritter, Claudeexc. 3
23.06.2016WORLD DOG SHOW- Moscow, RussiaEngh, Espenexc., under the last 8 dogs from 19 entries
24.06.2016WORLD DOG SHOW Specialitiy- Moscow, RussiaZaturinskiy, Markexc. 1, Junior CAC, Junior Breed Champion Russia 2016
09.07.2016International Dog Show „Vladimir 2016“ CACIB, RussiaKliebenstein, Horstexc. 1, Junior CAC, Best Junior of Breed, finishing the Junior Champion Title of Russia !!!
26.08.2016EURO DOG SHOW Brussels- BelgiumTeixeira, Luis Pintoexc. 1, European Junior Winner, Best Junior of Breed, Benelux Junior Winner 2016, Best Juniors of Breed in Group 6- the 3 rd place out of 16 Breeds
Intermediate Class
05.06.2016Groß Gerau CAC Club Elsa, GermnyKastl, Gerdaexc. 1, CAC VDH, CAC Club Elsa, Best Male
02.07.2016Neresheim Club DZRR, GermanyKastl, Gerdaexc. 1, CAC VDH
10.07.2016CAC MONROO „KPC“ Himki Moscow, RussiaShvec, Irinaexc. 1, CAC, Best Male, BOB
10.07.2016CAC MOO „Prestige“ Moscow, RussiaBaklushin, Georgijexc. 1, CAC, Best Male, BOB
16.07.2016All Russian Dog Show- TGOO Avers OOO „Cup of Orlovoi M.L.“ CAC RKF- Tula, RussiaKrimskaya, M.exc. 1, CAC, Best Male, BOB, Best in Group 6- 2nd place out of 16 Breeds, closed the Champion Title of Russia and RKF
16.07.2016Regional Dog Show- TROO, KC „Triumph“ CAC, RFOS- Tula, RussiaOganova, N.exc. 1, CAC, Best Male, BOB, Best in Group 6- 2nd place out of 16 Breeds !!!
17.07.2016All Russian Dog Show- RKK CAC, Oankoo- Moscow, RussiaFilatova, A.exc. 1, CAC, Best Male, BOS, closed the Champion Title of Oankoo
17.07.2016Regional Dog Show- MOO „Globus Plus“ CAC, RFSS- Moscow, RussiaKryukova, E.exc. 1, 2.nd Best Male, res. CAC
06.08.2016IDS Ludwigshafen CACIB, Germanyvan Klaveren, Karinexc. 2, res.CAC
10.09.2016IDS Luxembourgvan den Bosch, Stafexc. 1, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, Benelux Winner 2016, BOB, Best in Group 6- 2nd place out of 16 Breeds !!!
15.10.2016Bundessiegershow Dortmund CACIB, GermanyKlopsch, Martinexc. 1, 2x CAC, res. CACIB, 2nd Best Male
16.10.2016IDS Dortmund, GermanyFranke, Marjonexc. 2, res. CAC
05.11.2016Danube Duo CACIB Bratislava, SlovakiaRyk, Janexc. 3
06.11.2016Danube Duo CACIB Bratislava, SlovakiaAgabeyli, Z.exc. 1, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, BOS
10.12.2016IDS Wels, AustriaNevo, Oritexc. 1, CAC, 2nd Best Male, res. CACIB- counts as a CACIB
11.12.2016IDS Wels, Austria Dr. Schimpf, Ottoexc. 1, CAC
17.12.2016IDS Vilnius Winter, Lithuania Slukin, Sergiyexc.1, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, Best of Breed, closed the Champion of Lithuania
18.12.2016IDS Vilnius Christmas Cup, LthuaniaPoggesi, Manolaexc. 2, res. CAC
07.01.2017IDS CACIB NürnbergKlopsch, Martinexc. 1, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, Best of Breed, Alps Winner 2017, Noris Winner 2017, 3rd place out of 16 Breeds from Group 6 in the Honor Ring
Open Class
24.06.2017CACIB Aarau, SwitzerlandStockmari, Hartoexc. 1, CAC
25.06.2017CACIB Aarau, SwitzerlandKellerei Philippou, Soniaexc.3
Champion Class
09.04.2017IDS Luxembourg CACIBVojtek, Viastoexc. 1, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, BOS, closed the Luxembourg Champion Title, qualified for Crufts 2018
18.06.2017Rassehundeausstellung Schweitenkirchen, Club ELSAKuralt, Snezkaexc. 2, res.CAC, closed the German Champion Title VDH
23.06.2017Club Show SwitzerlandSpörr, Rolandexc. 2, res. CAC
23.09.2017National Dog Show Brno, Czech RepublicStusakova, Sarkaexc. 1, CAC, closed the Czech Republic Champion Title
14.10.2017IDS DortmundSeibel, Burkhardexc.2, res.CAC, res. CACIB, closed the International Champion Title FCI
08.11.2017German Winner Leipzig, GermanyEricsson, Danexc. 1, CAC, res.CACIB, Vice German Winner 2017
09.11.2017WORLD DOG SHOW, GermanyTeixera, Luis Pintoexc. 1, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, WORLD WINNER !!!
09.12.2017NDS Kassel, GermanyKastl, Gerdaexc. 1, CAC, Best Male, BOS
10.12.2017IDS Kassel, GermanyFranke, Marjonexc. 1, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, Best of Breed, Group 6- 3rd Place
13.01.2018IDS Nürnberg, GermanySachslehner, Ritaexc. 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB
08.04.2018IDS LuxembourgAchtergael, Jean Pierreexc. 1, CACL, res. CACIB
14.07.2018IDS Oberwart CACIB, AustriaFranke, Marjonexc. 2, res. CAC
15.07.2018CACIB Szombathely, HungaryStaviarska, Vieraexc. 2
18.08.2018IDS Innsbruck CACIB, AustriaStracke, Petraexc. 1, CACA, res. CACIB, closed the Austrian Champion Title
10.11.2018NDS Karlsruhe, GermanyLinneweber, Axelexc. 3
11.11.2018IDS Karlsruhe CACIBKastl, Gerdaexc.2, res. CAC
25.05.2019DZRR Speciality Prichenstadt, GermanyRiedel, Marionexc.1, CAC, Best Male, Steigerwald Winner
09.11.2019NDS Karlsruhe, GermanyAchtergael, Jean Pierreexc.1, CAC, Best Male, Best of Breed
10.11.2019IDS Karlsruhe; GermanyBerchtold, Peter Friedrichexc.1, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, Best of Breed, Winner of Group 6, Baden- Württemberg Winner, Alps Winner