Nelly’s daughter Giza rocked the Ring in Moscow🎉🚀🍾!!!

Today was a very productive day 🍾🚀🎉!!!

Deyonga Ghani Giza ( CH Nyanagani Nelson Gently x Int.MultiCh Rayridge Dayo Camariya- aka Redy)
21.02.2016 Allrussian dog show CAC (CH RKF, CH OANKOO) „Fauna“
Judge: Nikitin A.
DEYONGA GHANI GIZA – very promising, CW, BOB-baby!!!

Wow, wow, wow!!! It was a cool day!) The debut of our daughter Giza and soooo successful! With an excellent description!) I’m so proud!)
Many thanks to our beloved and best handler Anastasia Kharitonova for a great show!! I was again in seventh heaven!) 😍
And, of course, happy small-birthday our lovely „Deyonga“ G-litter!!! We celebrated this beautiful day!) 6 month old now !!!

Breeder: Elena Vargina