One Sensation after another….🍾🚀💥…. Donya’s Show Start🚀

🏆Our little pride!!! The first debut and the first success!🏆
06.02.2016 2хCAC shows – „Сascade“ and „Assembly“ clubs
Judges: Людмила Краковская (Russia) & Jasna Matejcic (Croatia)

DEYONGA GAYA MONIFA, 5m (aka Donya) (INT MultiCh RAYRIDGE DAYO CAMARIYA <3 Ch NYANGANI NELSON GENTLY) – 2xVery Promising-1, 2xCW, 2xBest Baby of Breed, BEST IN SHOW Baby – 1 place!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!
Handler: Ekaterina Soroko!! Thaaank you, Katya, for super work!!! <3

I’m so happy… I have no words!!! More words I hasn’t, when on 6th February after Redy’s BOB I called Donya’s owners to know what with their debut on show, and heard that they won BISbaby-1!!!! It was a super day for all!!! On this weekends 06-07.02.2016 our super family has:
Nelson – CAC, Czech CH!
Redy – 2xCACIB, BOS, BOB, BIG-1, Czech CH, INT CH!
Their daughter Donya – 2xBOBbaby, BISbaby-1!!!!!
WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Web-site our „DEYONGA“ kennel:
Breeder: Elena Vargina

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