We proudly announce you today the Birth of our Heart Babies ❤️❤️❤️!!!

Chelsea made us the biggest present tonight- we welcomed 9 wonderful Babies- 6 Boys and 3 Girls . All are healthy, strong and enjoying life with a fantastic mum ❤️❤️❤️!!!
All babies seem to be standard- they have correct ridges, no DS and no tail faults found so far❤️❤️❤️. We couldn’t been more proud of Chelsea and her Babies !!!

What for wonderful news from our beloved Italian friend Laura Tomasi. 8 healthy puppies are born- 3 boys and 5 females. They are very active and mommy Prea is also fine ❤❤❤!!!

We are very proud and happy ❤❤❤.

More informations:www.rocktheridgeback.com

Today we received the wonderful news from our Polish Friends, that Chelsea’s Pregnancy is confirmed …

Let’s cross all fingers for a nice and healthy Litter ❤️❤️❤️ !!!

Finally arrived from IDS Luxembourg- KOKAYï Team was on Fire again today !!!

3 Starts – 3 Wins … and I’m so proud of our Kids from Cubi & Nelly !!!

08.04.2018 CACIB Luxembourg

Judge: Mr. Jean Pierre Achtergael

Handler of all our Team: Anastasia Kharitonova

Champion Class: Cubiii

WW ‘17 • JEUW’16 • C.I.B. • Multi Champion

– excellent 1
– res. CACIB


Puppy Class: Zamrock a Stairway to Heaven- Page
Nyangani Luanga x Cubi

Owner: Ines Rostock

– Choosen to the last 6 BEST FEMALE PUPPIES of the Day out of 22 in Honor Ring – it was just amazing and I had tears in my eyes to see her in the big ring with her 9 month and she was such a cool young Lady over there !!!

Well done !!!


Open Class: JCh Lux• Ch Deyonga Gandi Bokari- Kaya

Int. Multi Ch Rayridge Dayo Camariya x Int. Multi Ch Nyangani Nelson Gently

Owner: Sven Herrendorf & Brigitte Carl

– excellent 1

Many congrats to all other winners and participants !!!


Zamrock a Stairway to Heaven- Page

Deyonga Gandi Bokari- Kaya

What a biiig pleasure ❤❤❤ !!!

Clementine Langelaar was here to visit our Cubi for her lovely Kwini … what happened, it was Looove on the first side between them and we also liked Clementine and her ideas for Breeding RR’s very much !!!

Zamrock a Stairway to Heaven- it’s
PAGE | 8Month ❤️❤️❤️

[Nyangani Luanga x WW’17 EJW’16 C.I.B. Multi Ch Got the Soul by Luanda]

Copyright by Hannah Meinhardt



And our beloved Baby Page rocked the ring again ❤❤❤!!!

CACIB Offenburg

Judge: Mrs. Claudia Pelzmann- Kraus
Handler: Anastasia Kharitonova❤

Zamrock a Stairway to Heaven- it’s
Page ❤❤❤
[Nyangani Luanga x WW’17 EJW’16 C.I.B. Multi Ch Got the Soul by Luanda]

Puppy Class:

• very promising 1

Many congrats to all winners and participants !!!

We also like to thank the DZRR team



What a day- Kaya was on fire !!!

CACIB Offenburg
91 entries at all

Judge: Mrs. Claudia Pelzmann- Kraus

Handler: Anastasia Kahritonova❤

D.O.B. 21.08.2015
Sire: C.I.B. MultiCH Nyangani Nelson Gently
Dam: C.I.B. MultiCH Rayridge Dayo Camariya

Open Class- 15 entries:

• excellent 1
• Best Female
• Best of Breed

As icing on the cake Kaya has won Group 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our beloved Kaya has today also fulfilled all conditions for the German Champion VDH- yippppppppiiiiiihhh

Many congrats to all other participants and winners and many thanks also to the great DZRR Show Team from Offenburg !!!


May I introduce you a Cubi Baby from our Swiss Litter in the wonderful Wakina Kennel ❤️❤️❤️ – Bravooo Jea !!!

….what an amazing Boy in the age of 5 Weeks ❤️❤️❤️…


Today we can proudly announce you the Birth of our wonderful Babies in France from our beloved friends , the Torres Family ❤❤❤!!!

Mommy Swan is healthy and presented us 9 active puppies- 4 males and 5 females ❤❤❤!!!

More informations: www.dudomainedadeane.chiens-de-france.com


Without words…. the Zamrock Crew was on Fire- Ines Rostock & Page !!!

Zamrock a Stairway to Heaven- it’s Page x Cubiii ❤❤❤

Today the very first Cubi Baby starts the Show career in a ring and has won at the RR Speciality from Club ELSA in Wiesbaden- Niedernheim !!!

• very promising 1

• Best Puppy of Show

Let‘s celebrate, we are sooooo proud ❤!!!