Cubiii & Juna ❤️❤️❤️….

We are sooooo proud and happy to announce you our wonderful Litter Plans with Cubi and Juna 💕💕💕!!!

Our beloved friend Petra Kayser from her Kennel Taka Yadumu is a very special person for us and we are really in love with Juna ❤️❤️❤️!!!

So let’s cross all fingers for this Litter  🍀🍀🍀!!!

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Nala has married Nelly ❤️❤️❤️…

We proudly announce our mating with Nala from our Serbian Friends 💕💕💕…

Cubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is on Fire again 🔥🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆!!!

What can I say, last time in Luxembourg he has won BOB and now a fantastic BOS 🏆🏆🏆!!!

Cubi‘ s first start in a really strong  Champion Class with 12 entries:

Judge: Mr. Vlasto Vojtek

  • excellent 1
  • CAC
  • Best Male
  • BOS
  • Champion of Luxembourg
  • Qualified for Crufts 2018

What a wonderful „Come Together“ with our offsprings from Wakina Kennel ❤❤❤!!!

It was such a big pleasure to meet our beloved friend Jea from Wakina Kennel with her whole wonderful family again💕💕💕- we looooooove them ❤❤❤!!!

We really enjoyed her hospitality and we had a fantastic evening with a lot of fun 💕💕💕.

Even Nelson made his first experiences with family cats 😂😂😂!!!

The next day was great, we were on a dog place and all our „Babies“ had a huge closed area to jump and play together with Mommy and Daddy- amazing to see how nice all of them developed and what for nice parents they have…..❤❤❤!!!

We are very proud and happy about this fantastic healthy Litter 🚀❤…

Jea you did a great job 🏆🏆🏆!!!





Our babies from Shaka’s Rock arrived ❤❤❤…..

We are soooo happy to announce the save arrival from our Shaka’s Rock Babies- Pamoya and Cubiii did a great job 👍❤❤❤!!!

On the 16.03.2017 ten wonderful puppies were born- 7 girls and 3 boys 💕💕💕.

All of them healthy, very active, with good sizes and beautiful RIdges ❤❤❤!!!

Welcome to the world 💕💕💕….

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Cubi is Top Junior Male 2016 🏆🏆🏆!!!

Without any words- we are sooo proud to announce you that Cubi has won the title  *TOP JUNIOR MALE 2016* from the European Ridgeback Magazine 🏆🏆🏆❤❤❤!!!



Fantastic Litter plans with Wakina Kennel ❤❤❤!!!

I know it’s very early, but we are so exited and happy about our plans that we would like to announce you very proudly our upcoming B- Litter plans with Dinari and Cubiii ❤❤❤!!! I wish comes true…❤❤❤… It is a big pleasure for us, that our beloved friend from Swiss- Jea- choosing our Cubiii for her B- Litter 💕💕💕!!!

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Nelly and his daughter Kaya were on fire 🏆🔥🏆🔥🏆🔥!!!

Job sharing 😂😂😂….

While Lini, Cubi and me relaxing on our sofa from Crufts, my beloved wife Silke ❤ showed Nelly and his wonderful daughter Kaya very successful 🏆🏆🏆🚀🚀🚀!!!

CACIB Offenburg 11.03.2017
101 entries

Nelson Nyangani Gently- Nelly ❤❤❤
D.O.B. 15.04.2013
Ch of Russia, Ch of RKF, Ch of Czech, Ch of Lithuania
Candidate of Inter Ch, German Ch, Swiss Ch, Slovak Ch

Champion Class- 7 entries
Judge: Mr. Guido Schäfer

Excellent 3

Deyonga Gandi Bokary- Kaya, Nelly’s daughter ❤❤❤

Dam: Int. Multi Ch Rayridge Dayo Camariya- Redy ❤❤❤
Breeder: Elena Vargina

Owner: Sven Herrendorf & Brigitte Carl- Bravo, our big congratulations 👏🏆👏🏆👏🏆!!!

D.O.B 21.08.2015

JCH of Luxembourg, Benelux Junior Winner 2016, res. Junior Holland Cup Winner 2016, Candidate of German Champion

Intermediate Class- 10 entries
Judge: Mrs. Petra Stracke

Excellent 1, CAC 🏆🏆🏆

Congratulations to all other winners and participants 👏👏👏!!!

Special thanks and congrats to Ines Rostock for her exc. 4 in a really strong Open Class with our beloved Nyangani Luanga ❤❤❤!!!