Wonderful Litter plans with Mistery Castle ❤️❤️❤️!!!

We are very proud to announce you our fantatsic Litter Plans with Stephanie and Stefan Rüdell from their famous Kennel Mistery Castle 💕💕💕. Nelly will marry Sugar soon and we are very proud and happy of this wonderful combination ❤️❤️❤️.

More informations: www.mistery-castle.de


Nala has married Nelly ❤️❤️❤️…

We proudly announce our mating with Nala from our Serbian Friends 💕💕💕…

Cubi and Boo ❤❤❤!!!

We are very proud to announce you the fantastic Litter plans with our beloved American friends Nicole Batson Hoyas and Lisa Hoffman from the very old and famous County Line Ridgebacks Kennel ❤❤❤!!!

More informations: www.countylineridgebacks.com


What a wonderful „Come Together“ with our offsprings from Wakina Kennel ❤❤❤!!!

It was such a big pleasure to meet our beloved friend Jea from Wakina Kennel with her whole wonderful family again💕💕💕- we looooooove them ❤❤❤!!!

We really enjoyed her hospitality and we had a fantastic evening with a lot of fun 💕💕💕.

Even Nelson made his first experiences with family cats 😂😂😂!!!

The next day was great, we were on a dog place and all our „Babies“ had a huge closed area to jump and play together with Mommy and Daddy- amazing to see how nice all of them developed and what for nice parents they have…..❤❤❤!!!

We are very proud and happy about this fantastic healthy Litter 🚀❤…

Jea you did a great job 🏆🏆🏆!!!





Our babies from Shaka’s Rock arrived ❤❤❤…..

We are soooo happy to announce the save arrival from our Shaka’s Rock Babies- Pamoya and Cubiii did a great job 👍❤❤❤!!!

On the 16.03.2017 ten wonderful puppies were born- 7 girls and 3 boys 💕💕💕.

All of them healthy, very active, with good sizes and beautiful RIdges ❤❤❤!!!

Welcome to the world 💕💕💕….

More informations: www.shakasrock.de




Cubi is Top Junior Male 2016 🏆🏆🏆!!!

Without any words- we are sooo proud to announce you that Cubi has won the title  *TOP JUNIOR MALE 2016* from the European Ridgeback Magazine 🏆🏆🏆❤❤❤!!!



Fantastic Litter plans with Wakina Kennel ❤❤❤!!!

I know it’s very early, but we are so exited and happy about our plans that we would like to announce you very proudly our upcoming B- Litter plans with Dinari and Cubiii ❤❤❤!!! I wish comes true…❤❤❤… It is a big pleasure for us, that our beloved friend from Swiss- Jea- choosing our Cubiii for her B- Litter 💕💕💕!!!

More informations: www.wakina-dini.ch

Nelly and his daughter Kaya were on fire 🏆🔥🏆🔥🏆🔥!!!

Job sharing 😂😂😂….

While Lini, Cubi and me relaxing on our sofa from Crufts, my beloved wife Silke ❤ showed Nelly and his wonderful daughter Kaya very successful 🏆🏆🏆🚀🚀🚀!!!

CACIB Offenburg 11.03.2017
101 entries

Nelson Nyangani Gently- Nelly ❤❤❤
D.O.B. 15.04.2013
Ch of Russia, Ch of RKF, Ch of Czech, Ch of Lithuania
Candidate of Inter Ch, German Ch, Swiss Ch, Slovak Ch

Champion Class- 7 entries
Judge: Mr. Guido Schäfer

Excellent 3

Deyonga Gandi Bokary- Kaya, Nelly’s daughter ❤❤❤

Dam: Int. Multi Ch Rayridge Dayo Camariya- Redy ❤❤❤
Breeder: Elena Vargina

Owner: Sven Herrendorf & Brigitte Carl- Bravo, our big congratulations 👏🏆👏🏆👏🏆!!!

D.O.B 21.08.2015

JCH of Luxembourg, Benelux Junior Winner 2016, res. Junior Holland Cup Winner 2016, Candidate of German Champion

Intermediate Class- 10 entries
Judge: Mrs. Petra Stracke

Excellent 1, CAC 🏆🏆🏆

Congratulations to all other winners and participants 👏👏👏!!!

Special thanks and congrats to Ines Rostock for her exc. 4 in a really strong Open Class with our beloved Nyangani Luanga ❤❤❤!!!