What a wonderful „Come Together“ with our offsprings from Wakina Kennel ❤❤❤!!!

It was such a big pleasure to meet our beloved friend Jea from Wakina Kennel with her whole wonderful family again💕💕💕- we looooooove them ❤❤❤!!!

We really enjoyed her hospitality and we had a fantastic evening with a lot of fun 💕💕💕.

Even Nelson made his first experiences with family cats 😂😂😂!!!

The next day was great, we were on a dog place and all our „Babies“ had a huge closed area to jump and play together with Mommy and Daddy- amazing to see how nice all of them developed and what for nice parents they have…..❤❤❤!!!

We are very proud and happy about this fantastic healthy Litter 🚀❤…

Jea you did a great job 🏆🏆🏆!!!