What a weekend for our KOKAYi boys again 👻🚀☀️🏆 ……..

3 starts- two wins and one second place….. thank you sooo much my beloved sister Anastasia Kharitonova ❤️❤️❤️!!!

15.10.16 Bundessieger Show Dortmund
Judge: Mr. Martin Klopsch

Got the Soul by Luanda- Cubi ❤️
(Int.MultiCh Kadamo it’s Now or Never x Int.MultiCh Alexis Femme Fatale)
D.O.B. 02.03.15
Breeder: Milada Krchnava

Intermediate Class:

– excellent 1
– 2 x CAC VDH
– res. CACIB
– 2nd Best Male


17.10.16 IDS Dortmund
Judge: Mrs. Marjon Eshuis- Franke

Got the Soul by Luanda- Cubi ❤️

Intermediate Class:

– excellent 2, res. CAC VDH

Nyangani Nelson Gently- Nelly ❤️
(Eastwood Frenchman de Kiungwana x Nyangani Diketi)
D.O.B. 15.04.13
Breeder: Silvio Böhmer

Champion Class:

– excellent 1, CAC VDH

Many congrats to all other participants and winners 👏👏👏!!!