Official results from Nelson’s first matings with DEYONGA and UDAKO !!!

Now we have the official results from our first two matings with the Kennels UDAKO and DEYONGA.

-In the Kennel UDAKO was born at the 18.08.2015 eleven puppies. 6 males and 5 females.

-In the Kennel DEYONGA was born at the 21.08.2015 eleven puppies. 7 males and 4 females.


ALL of them are in show quality !!! Only two males haven’t got the testicles down already. Correct Ridges, correct crowns, correct bite, correct tails ( x- rays) and no DS !!!

We are sooo proud about this outstanding result. It was also very important for us to see all of them with extremely nice heads, very strong bones, super top lines, very nice and friendly characters and a wonderful movement. All of this babies are looking very similar, a perfect result for this two breeds !!! In case you want to see more details and pics:


Fantastic !!!