Cuuubi did it- Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF and Champion Oankoo 🇷🇺🏆💥!!!

Cubi did it 😎🇷🇺🏆💥🚀!!!

* Junior Champion of Russia
* Champion of Russia
* Champion of RKF
* Champion of Oankoo

Thank you Milada Krchnava and Šárka Štusáková for this outstanding boy ❤️❤️❤️!!!

We are back from our beloved Russia now, what an amazing country with a lot of super Dog Shows with a strong competition every time and so much beautiful Ridgebacks- just woooow 🚀🚀🚀 !!!

But what is that all without friends……
Well, I have travelled a lot in this world, but what is happened… Kharotonova’s family received me in Moscow like a family member- I was so impressed about that, I still find no words about it …… Thank you Mummy Marina Kharotonova,Daddy Yuriy Sergeev and for sure my beloved sister Anastasia Kharitonova for this experience… I will never forget, what you are doing for my wife and me- you treat me like a son…. WE loooove you for that forever ❤️❤️❤️!!!

Valeria Yurtaeva is also a very special person in our life, she is our small sister and I have to be sooo thankful that she has supported us on all these shows only to do fantastic pictures from our small Cubi 😘😘😘!!!

….. You meet peoples in your life- sometimes it is super, sometimes not…..I had the special pleasure to meet Elena Vargina with her lovely family. What a big deal, I would say- Love on the first sight ❤️!!!

Thank you for that Sergey, Elena, Katja and her cute Dominika 😘😘😘!!!